highestWith a beautiful marriage, there is no challenge a couple cannot overcome in this life. Challenges become the couples breakfast, something to be eaten up as they arise. Problems will cease to be a nightmare to any couple but a meal ticket. There are so many things we can benefit from a beautiful marriage like shared economic interests and being of help to one another, but the greatest gift of marriage comes from the commitment made by any man and woman to serve each other in love. When they make a commitment like this, beautiful things begin to happen in their lives and through them. You begin to share your life with another person bringing you into an experience you will never have gotten if you were alone.

There is a need to change our mindset about marriage. We need to live above the norm of what marriage is commonly known for. These are not bad in themselves, but we have to create an atmosphere in our marriage that is so beautiful that you can never imagine been apart from your spouse even for a moment talk less of divorce. Marriage brings solutions especially when it comes to finance. Are you having money problems because you cannot save and you do not know how to manage the limited resource that comes to you, then, try financial intimacy with your spouse. Become intimate with your spouse when it comes to financial matters, let your spouse know about the extra that came in, let your spouse know about the gift that came your way. let your spouse know how much you earn. In an atmosphere of love, it becomes easy to plan and strategise. Two is better than one, and marriage is the best vehicle that gets us faster from an individualistic lifestyle to one of unity and purpose for our families. You will begin to do so much with so little in your family and bitter financial experiences will give way to sweet. Become financially intimate with your spouse today and you will see the difference it will make in your family’s finance.

In a recent survey that was conducted among prison inmates in three prisons across Nigeria, many of the inmates cited loneliness, emptiness and lack of love as the three major things that drove them to a life of crime. It’s not only criminals who have this challenge but many people all their life have felt empty, lonely and with no one to love them. We enter into marriage with these feelings hoping that our spouse will meet all this needs for us. Some of us, all our life we have known marriage to be a place of receiving. We go into marriage with the expectation of receiving only, but that is not the way. Could we change it to be a place of giving than receiving? You need to make marriage a place where you give love, comfort, companionship, security and all you wish to see in your own life?The more love you give, the more you receive. The more you empty your life into another person the more you get filled in return. Give and it shall be given back to you, in good measure, pressed down and shaken together.

Marriage sure brings solutions!

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