We met at church. We started dating when we were 16 . We dated for 2 years . He proposed to me in front of the whole church on July 6, 2012. We just couldn’t wait any longer we got married on July 20th, 2012 . It’s been two years since we have been married & we are expecting till death do us part. We build our relationship on God, we don’t believe in fussing & fighting we believe in communicate, talk it out, apologize, try our best not to do it anymore . We spice the relationship up, we don’t believe in getting too comfortable. What you did to get him/her we got to do, to keep him/her . We are now 20 years old . Most people tell us young marriages most likely fail but when We keep God 1st no matter what man says, with God all things are possible. Marriage Is Beautiful!



  1. emmanuel okiria

    I have been with my girlfriend for three years I finished campus and knew she will be mine am now working though not wel paid we have just broken up because she says she may disappoint me in future am hurt and unsettled because I had her always even now how can I manage this?

    1. mariaaelmarquez

      …..there’s a million women in this world…Emmanuel okiria..
      Don’t ruin your everyday to who doesn’t deserve to your love…
      She refuse you.. But sooner….time will tell….you become much better than her expecting….

    2. Anthony Page

      Pray, Pray, Pray and i mean PRAY!! pray for Strength for tough times, Courage for when you need to stand for yourself, and most importantly Pray for Gods guidance and love to fill urself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. I’m sorry that you all are not together, but that doesn’t mean its over. Use this time to build a better you, use this time to find out more about urself and what you can do to make improvements in ur life because their is always a way to make ourselves better. Also, pray for ur ex wife, pray that she’s ok, pray that she’s safe, pray that God will watch over her and keep her in his care. last and not least, pray to God asking him that if he permits (allows) it, that she’ll returns in your life when he feels the time is right for you. I hope this helps man and if not i hope u find the answers your looking for. I really hope you two are able to work things out and i’ll keep you in my prayers.    

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