Hello! My name is Olivia and my fiance is Jordan. We have been together a year, and just recently got engaged on April 18th,2014. He is truly my “Boaz”. The Lord brought him into my life just at a time I was in a very dark place. (The path I was heading was to disaster the least to say), but with GOD their is always “U” turns available. My Lord, my redeemer was able to shine his light through Jordan to pull me out of the dark. He was used as a tool to save me from me. He saw greatness in me when i didn’t see it for myself!  He saw i was worth the fight,than he battled along side with me,and brought us to victory. In my sweet Jordan I found a friend, encourager,he always made me feel loved, needed, happy, and secured.  He is the most understanding, compassionate, sensitive and sincere man I know. He treats me like a queen! He is everything I have prayed for. When you are consistent with prayer the lord is faithful, he always answers. I feel so blessed to be chosen to be his helpmeet and his lifetime partner. I pray I fulfill all his needs just as he has fulfilled mine. I pray the Lord will mold me into the virtuous woman that I can be. I’m beyond excited to see what the Lord has planned for us. We are getting married on September 27th, 2014. I LOVE YOU Jordan. . may the Lord continue to Bless you and use you for his honor and glory…Marriage Is Beautiful!



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