flashy3Physical Connection is a very important aspect of a happy marriage. Don’t mistake it for skin to skin contact. Physical connection is how you live with your wife and the various attitudes displayed by couples in their day to day life. Physical connection is when a couple looks beyond the physical attributes of each partner to behold their unseen attributes and the beauty associated with it. When you realize that your spouse is not just the physical body you are seeing but the totality of their temperament, character, attitude and the way they view life. When a couple begins to place emphasis on those qualities within them and seek ways at which they can develop them and make them better in producing joy and thanksgiving in their spouse, it makes for happy moments in marriage and a beautiful marriage is borne.

This does not mean you should not seek for ways to make yourself look attractive and presentable to your spouse. The point is, you should not put all the emphasis on physical beauty. The bible says that charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears God should be praised. A God fearing man should also be praised. It’s not your physical beauty that will show respect to your spouse but with your physical beauty at hand go the extra mile and develop the character of thanksgiving, patience, longsuffering and kindness within you and then you will see that you have become a complete package to your spouse, A man or woman of inestimable value.

As couples progress in their marital walk, physical attributes change and things no longer appear as they were when the couples started. Gray hairs will start coming out, wrinkles will start showing and some of our men will develop bald hairs. The physical beauty you saw previously will start to fade. This is the time to adjust your expectations and desires to match the maturation of your relationship with your spouse. You begin to work on yourself to become a better and much more comfortable person to be with. You seek to make your personality and your attitude to life to come into alignment with that of your spouse.

It does not just happen automatically. you have to take certain proactive steps to make your physical connection with your spouse to be ‘Tight’. You don’t take things for granted but you work towards making the dreams you had for your marriage to become a reality.

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