tmp_received_m_mid_1395694958524_275d97a5d5d4fec880_0682765863When we started our blog less than one year ago,it was just a hobby,we were pursuing our passion. Little did we know that God was going to take us to great heights of success that was beyond our imagination. Since then we have gone from Zero to being heroes when it comes to marriage counseling and marriage related issues.
Every day we get dozens of letters from fans,telling us how our articles and advice has really helped them in their marriage. Many were on the brink of divorce when they came in contact with us and God helped us to give them Godly counsel that fixed their marriage and saved their marriage from divorce. Many have reported also that their marriage were in shambles until they discovered our blog and our Facebook page.
God has been our source and without Him we could not have done anything at all. However,I must add that we owe a lot of our success to the support we got from Goshen Solutions – Finland. They designed our blog,hosted it and they are currently managing our site for us. I’m not much of a technical person when it comes to website management but that has never been a problem for me with this guys. Anytime I have an issue,it does not matter the time,I will just send a message and within minutes the issue has been resolved. Sometimes,I wonder whether they sleep at all. It’s like as if I am the only one they manage despite the numerous customers they have spread all over the world. That’s why I am so excited in partnering with them today. I know that they can give this same personalized service they have given to me this past months to anyone who hooks up with them.
Marriage is Beautiful has entered into partnership with Goshen Solution – a web solution expert based in Finland to provide an affordable (50% discount) web design package for all Marriage is Beautiful fans. To benefit from this send an email to : with this discount coupon code (MIB2014)
What this guys have done for us I am sure they will do much more for you.
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  1. Melwin Sangma

    Hallo… Pastor I love to read your valuable articles and I am blessed through your website thank you so much and hope you will be keep in touch through my email. so that I will be blessing. Thanks so much once again and God bless Pastor may world bless through you Amen.

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