PONDIn a beautiful marriage, the couple should be intuitive to know that they have to save and plan for the future together. Every couple should have a financial plan for the rainy day. Whatever the couple earns today, all is not meant to be finished. Have a reserve for the future. You don’t have to wait for your children to be grown up before you start planning for their university education.

Start planning for your children’s university education now even though they are still small, for new couples; you can even start before the birth of your first child. When I say planning, I am not talking about a wishful thinking but your ability to take a step now and start putting aside little sums of money towards their education. Some couples put aside less than $15 a month. This is small now but it will not remain small as the years go by. A couple can decide to take up a plan that has a free life insurance attached to it. As you save, your life insurance is automatically paid for. Some Insurance companies offer the life insurance free of charge when you open an account with them. You can take out a 15 years plan and stick to it. When it’s time for your child to enter into university, you will find out that the Children University education has been fully paid for. You will not need to bring out a dime again from your pocket. It will be fully paid for.

A couple can also decide to take out a life insurance plan. I know this is not popular in Africa but we are talking about creating a beautiful marriage so we are not going by what is popular but by what will produce beauty. I have seen families that were doing so well when the man was alive and suddenly when the man died, the family started going downhill. The beauty in life insurance is that you show your love now by the practical things you do to avoid regrets and anguish for your family tomorrow.

A couple that is financially intimate will always have peace of mind. They might not have enough presently but whenever they look into the future, they will smile and look at themselves knowingly because, they have taken care of the important things that concerns tomorrow.

Each couple should take full responsibility of their financial future. Look into the future and create safety and peace of mind for yourself and your spouse. Don’t settle for less.

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