duramanyHi my name is Deborah and my heartbeat’s name is Duramany. We both are from Africa but from different countries. I am from Democratic Republic of Congo and he is from Sierra Leone but we both live in California. We always say and acknowledge that God made our being together possible. We met online in March 28th 2013. We started to talk as friends, I was going through a bad time at that moment and I really needed someone to talk to and it was at that right moment I met him and talking with him brought so much happiness in my life. After 1 month of blind chatting we decided to meet in person and it was on his graduation day so he introduced me to his family and I was welcomed. He proposed to me in November 28th of the same year and it was a no no from everybody thinking it was too early, we were rushing too fast, that he just got his degree with no stable job yet we should wait and see because people who meet online are never serious etc… But we knew that ours was different, we knew that we are soulmates and better half of each other. We wanted to do what is right. So we decided to seek God’s help in prayer and fasting and believing. As it was the will of God for us to be together, He opened big doors of blessings to us. My husband was blessed with a very good and stable job, I had a part time job we worked hard together with God by our side to organize our 3 weddings. As African we had the traditional wedding in January 21th 2014 then we went to the courthouse for the legal wedding in June 20th 2014 and finally as Christians we went to church for our big matrimony in June 21th 2014. God touched our family members heart, everybody was there to rejoice together with us. Till today we still love each other like the first time we met, we play together and do everything together always working on our differences, we have a big and strong friendship relation in our marriage and I know it will always be like that till the end of the world because God is by our side and He has our back! Our marriage is surely wonderful and beautiful.

Deborah & Duramany McCarthy

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