nakedWhen I married my wife, I opened up myself and trusted her. I also gave her a chance to trust me. I left myself exposed, but I did it for the right reasons and for the right person. I felt naked and unashamed. She in turn gave her heart to me, telling me the deepest secrets she has had, waiting for me to either judge her or accept her. Believe me, it’s not an easy place to find yourself in.

I understood quite early in my marriage that this had to be done for the emotions to connect. When a couple do not mind being vulnerable to one another, accepting wholly the other, without reservations, not minding their flaws and attitudes, a connection, greater than any network you will ever find on the earth is borne.

With this kind of connection in place in any marriage, no amount of scandal, mistake or distance can be able to break the bond that exists here. This is a marriage that is held together not by physical attributes but by the invincible thread that can only come from two emotions that have seen the nakedness in each other and refused to be embarrassed by their findings.

When a couple has learnt to accept one another without reservations, pre-conceived notions or passing judgments; hardly will a day pass by without there being one form of sharing or the other between the couples. This couple will learn and will keep learning how to share their joy, pains, feelings, secrets and the whole package. When you have no iota of doubt that your wife loves you and your wife is absolutely convinced that you love her. That’s emotional connection. Go for it!

It’s natural for us humans to sometimes feel hopelessly sad. How wonderful and sweet it will be if you can sense it in your spouse and then ask them how you can be of help to them. Become more than a friend to your spouse today. Learn your spouse to the extent that they don’t have to tell you they are sad before you know it. The feeling will just say it to you. It has gone beyond words. This is emotional connection.

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  1. Godfrey

    I had the same connection with my wife whatever we do plan we try by all means to involve one another Its very interesting because end of the day you have a friend and companion which is very health for any relationship it creates a bond or a platform for your blessings which are your children everyday you have a reference of each other Its very true what you mentioned THANKS

  2. James Junior

    Its something I feel that wil cement the marriage re/ship for the life long,these emotional connection will help the couple sustain a happy family. am really moved,Thanx mr. Author

  3. Judie

    This is very true. Even I feel this has to start off in courtship once both have decided to settle down. It makes the whole marriage easier to look forward to both parties will feel freer to connect with themselves

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