knowThis was a question I put across to one of the Men I counseled recently in my seminar. This man told me how the wife always reads meaning into every loving act he does to impress her. She was always suspecting him and makes no effort to hide it. He has bought gifts for her severally expressing his love to her but to no avail. Something was lacking in all this the man was doing and I am going to show you what was lacking in a minute.

Do you ever make attempt to make your spouse understand that he or she is very important to you and also to make him or her understand that you value their presence in your life and the cozy time you spend with him or her. It is very important that you create this type of awareness in their life. Make an imprint on your spouse heart that says, ‘You are important to me and I want you to know it’. You have to pass this message across verbally and through your actions. You don’t just internalize it and think that your spouse will get the message somehow. Nothing on this earth can replace the feeling of being appreciated and wanted. This beautiful feeling can be provided by your spouse with whom you can share your heart, soul and of course the body.

This kind of awareness can be created by deliberately speaking softly and calmly to your spouse even when you are pushed to speaking harshly and reacting negatively to issues. There could be times your spouse expects you to be angry and throw tantrums as you have been used to doing, suddenly you change and begin to be the one that is always at peace and seeking to make peace, this will surely be appreciated by your spouse. Instead of always fighting and beating your spouse, calm yourself and show them some love, this will surprise them. Instead of always finding fault, look for the good things in your spouse and commend them, this will surely bring you closer to your spouse.

Marriage can really be fun if we take time to make positive inputs and not negative withdrawals. Do all you can to build your marriage into a legacy, a legacy that will endure even after you are gone, and a marriage that your children will be proud of. Will you not love it if your children will be people who love their spouse and are ready to make their marriage work just as you have done?

The point is this, find a clear, concise way of passing the message across to your spouse, that you value and cherish them. Walk away from the negative things your spouse has known you for, turn around and make changes. It will do your marriage good. Marriage is beautiful!

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