How I Gave Birth At 7O Yrs

The BBC’s Divya Arya reports from India, where women of 60 and 70 are becoming mothers for the first time. One woman in the northern Indian state of Haryana had fertility treatment at the age of 70, spending her family life savings, and gave birth to a daughter. This is becoming a trend in the […]

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Believe The Best About Your Spouse

Believing the best about your spouse is a personal but very important choice you have to make whether there is a reason to believe the best or not. Love believes the best, not because there is any good enough reason to do that, in the midst of that hurt and betrayal, yet you believe. During […]

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Stop Bringing Up Mistakes From The Past.

‘Forgive and forget,’ ‘let bygone be bygone.’ We have all heard this over and over and even said it over and over at one time or the other. Is this really a true saying or just something we say to fill up the gap while our mind is busy adding and subtracting. Someone said ‘it […]

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Focusing on Love – Focusing on Everything

Why do we beat ourselves up over relationship issues? Why do we experience uncountable meltdowns because our spouse hurt our feeling or we’ve had an argument with our husband or a friend hurt our feelings or our children act uncontrollably? The truth is: the Bible offers us help for every relationship struggle we face. Focusing […]

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New Wine in an Old Bottle; Absolutely No

‘But new wine must be put into a new bottle and both are preserved’ Luke 5:38 I once heard a story about a woman whose husband travelled and on the day he was coming back she went to the airport to receive him. As the husband approached, she ran towards him in sheer excitement, hugged […]

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I wish I was a different wife

  When that heavy thought of ‘oh I think I married the wrong person’ comes upon you, just like it comes upon a lot of people in their marriage relationship. Know this: you are not alone. The feeling of inadequacy, insecurities, failure and regrets can be so overwhelming when it bombards your mind. If proper […]

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8 Tips on Getting the Best Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Sometimes we forget our anniversaries due to one reason or the other. Forgetting of anniversaries is a pardonable offence because your spouse knows that whether you remember it or not that you really love them. Anniversaries is a painful reminder to some of how they used to be as a couple before things went bad […]

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We Are Ready For The Next 24 Years

My husband and I have been married for 24 years come September 8,.. We have 4 kids and 2 grand kids.. He is my best friend, husband, lover, and soul mate.. He loves God, me and his kids As God says it should be. With all we have been through and with God guiding us […]

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We’ve Never Been Happier

Hi there! My name is Crystal and my husband is Max. Our story began in high school, Max saw me and was determined that I would be his forever. He became my best friend then and I had no idea that one day we’d be more than that. For 14 years we dated on and […]

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She Dropped Everything For Me

My name is Aman Kumar(India) and my wife Kourtney Santiago(USA). I met her on Facebook 4years ago. We’ve had so many ups and downs in our life but we always stand for each other. It was hard for me to get a visa to USA and meet with her so finally she came to India […]

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