Believe The Best About Your Spouse

Believing the best about your spouse is a personal but very important choice you have to make whether there is a reason to believe the best or not. Love believes the best, not because there is any good enough reason to do that, in the midst of that hurt and betrayal, yet you believe.
During one of my counseling session, a woman cried and complained so bitterly, ‘my husband is the worst man on earth, and he doesn’t love me and doesn’t care about the children anymore. Sometimes he goes away for days and comes home without any explanation or apology.’
It is absolutely impossible to believe the best when there no reason at all to encourage you to do that. Believing based on what you see or hear, or how you feel, yes it is impossible.
Let go of the hurt feeling and ask God to heal and comfort you. Begin to treat them as if they are the best thing in your life.
Believing the best based on what you are hoping to see or what you desire to see in your relationship, yes I can say it is possible.
A great question to usually ask when you are in conflict or hurting is: ‘Am I trying to prove that I’m right and hurting or do I want to see this relationship saved?’ You cannot do both at the same time. Sometimes we are simply supposed to love, simply supposed to walk by faith and not by sight.
Hold yourself together in the midst of that pain and decide that you must move forward in your love walk. Your spouse may have hurt you, yes, but choose to believe the best because you are trusting God for a change and that change will happen.
Do not fret or get anxious if no change is coming quickly, keep believing, keep speaking words of life to your life and to your spouse.
Ask God to help you look above and beyond what you are experiencing, so that you can only see the best.
Surely, there must be one tiny, little good thing about your spouse, dwell on it and don’t let their bad side take your eyes away from the good. It is a battle and good will always win.
Make the choice today to always believe the best.

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