love speaksMarriage Is Sweet and Beautiful!  This does not mean that a situation can never arise where couples will never have disagreements or where issues will not crop up. In some, the frequency is minimal while in some others, they have wearied themselves out with issues that keep on coming up over and over again to spoil their fun. This weariness will always arise when couples are afraid and apprehensive of taking the bull by the horn and talking to resolve issues. There is no marital problem that does not have a solution and sometimes the solution can come from the couples just sitting down, talking and confronting issues.

The aim of every talk when there is an issue or a conflict is for resolutions. As for challenges, issues and conflicts, they must arise in any marriage. When couples understand that challenges are opportunities to do it better, they will no longer be apprehensive of conflict resolution conversations.

When such opportunities arise for talks to be held, make up your mind to exploit the situation to resolve as much issues as possible. Drop what has not worked, have a beautiful marriage mentality and use the opportunity to create the kind of marriage you have always desired.

A beautiful marriage does not mean absence of conflicts or issues but a marriage that turns ugly situations into beauty through systematic application of wholesome principles. It’s a work in progress.

It will be good to make a mental rubbish collector as someone I know did recently. This is where you dump every undesirable marital issue into. As you throw it into the baggage, forget it there.

Whenever couples have an opportunity to resolve issues between them, it will be a time to open the mental rubbish collector and dispose of all the undesirables. As you dispose them, just let them go.

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