Human Touch Is Magical

Human Touch Is Magical

The experience of physical connection is a basic need for every one of us. Physical closeness is a prerequisite for every healthy marriage. Physical connection in marriage starts with a great touch. It relieves stress, makes us happier and healthier, allows an easy avenue to give and receive affection and strengthens every personal relationship.

1. We are all familiar with people referring to the need for our daily dose of vitamins: it’s every bit as true in our marriage when it comes to physical connection. In marriage, we all need a daily dose of physical closeness and sacred touch. This builds trust and loyalty.

2. Sexual intimacy is developed and heightened through sexual touching, part of foreplay. It matters how you connect physically. Physical connection strengthens every relationship and is unique in developing and maintaining intimate couples.

3. There may be arguments, conflicts, financial pressures, time demands with both jobs and families and the inevitable preoccupation with children can all influence couples to feel twinges of isolation and loneliness, even with a committed loving relationship. But the wisdom is being physically connected. It does lots of good; loving the good life is not a magic thing but seeing the right thing and focusing on what really matters. Just touch your spouse!

4. Instead of being a fierce husband or nagging wife, pull your energy together, reach out and touch your partner now. There is something about shaking that hand, putting an arm around the shoulder, reaching out to touch an arm while talking with each other. There is something about a man touching his wife’s hair as he passes by, and even carrying her up without her approval. This thing works brother!

5. Sharing some common interests be it indoors or outdoors activities goes a long way in keeping the marriage exciting. When a couple shares common interests and pastimes, they end up spending more time together and this physical proximity can have a lasting effect on a relationship.

6.  Touching not only gives your spouse things they need, it encourages the same back to you. It is a great enabler of reciprocal actions. By building this reciprocal thinking in each other, you are injecting this mentality into all aspects of the relationship.

Have you come to that point in your marriage where you and your spouse have become so preoccupied with meeting your responsibilities as couples and parents that you have forgotten that marriage is beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed? Have you come to forget the warmth of those initial days when you could not wait to be together with one another?
Take a trip down memory lane tonight and revive those wonderful memories of your early beginning, perhaps it will give you a jolt to once more do those things you did before and bring the spark back to your marriage.
Marriage is indeed beautiful!

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